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How To Build Fireplace Bellows: The Tools and Materials

Posted on: December 29, 2008


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Before learning how to build fireplace bellows you need to know the tools and materials needed for the project. You’ll need one of three saws: band saw, jigsaw or saber saw. Next make sure you have a brace and a drill. The bits needed are 5/8” and 2/2’.  Other items needed are scissors, glue, and sandpaper. You’ll need some wood and scrap wood will do. To get into more than the basics of how to build fireplace bellows you’ll want some scrap upholstery material, which can be gotten from your local furniture upholstery artisan or shop. You can get good vinyl and leather from the upholsterer. Once you have your tools and materials plans for how to build fireplace bellows can be obtained from the Internet, Lowes or Mother Earth News.


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