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Ted Bundy has been called one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of this nation. With his boyish looks and irresistible charm, Bundy would lure his victims to their demise in a most interesting and deceiving way. He would wait for an unsuspecting female and then walk buy with an arm load of books or other items.


If the lady did not ask to help him, he would solicit help and ask for assistance carrying the books or other items to his car. Once at the car Ted Bundy would hit his victim in the head with a tire iron or other hard object and at the same time pushing the now unconscious woman into the vehicle.


After this act of brutality, Ted Bundy would rape and kill his victim leaving their body in a place hard to find. The trail of blood and sorrow went across many states, but the state that has had the most scars is Colorado. Not only did Bundy visit and destroy the lives of several young women, he took away a little security that the state until this time had felt.

If you ever have had the pleasure of raising a Jack Russell terrier, you may know that they are unlike any other breed of canine. The Jack Russell terrier is tenacious and has an appetitive to rule your household no matter how dominant an owner you think you are. With a Napoleonic complex, this little dog can take over a home and most of the time will train the owners to its whim.


If you are thinking about getting a Jack Russell for yourself or a gift for something, make sure you get a training manual. Even if you think you know how to train a dog, the Jack Russell will make mince meat out of your methods in no time. No breed can make an owner feel guilty or make them feel apologetic as the cute little face of a Jack.


Before you get a Jack Russell, look into the personality of the breed closely and make sure it fits your life style. A Jack is high energy and needs that kind of person to make a connection with. Don’t buy a Jack Russell and then find out that the breed is not right for you. There are many Jack Russell Terrier rescues out there that are full of Jack’s because someone did not do their homework.

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One of the most comforting things during the holidays is a roaring fire. With a fireplace, the fireplace itself is important, but the accessories that adorn the mantle and the hearth are just as important for aesthetic purposes. The fireplace bellows is one of the most important item for a fireplace ensemble and even if it is not used for its purpose, the perfect fireplace bellows will reflect the personality of the owner and the warmth of the house.


There are many types of fireplace bellows you can decorate with and each has its own flair for distinction. Brass fireplace bellows are popular because the brass gives the bellows a sense of wealth and prosperity. A simple hand painted design will give the fireplace bellows a homier feel that will fill the home with warmth and simplicity. Even plain wood fireplace bellows are a boon to the décor of any home as they bring out the simplicity of the fireplace area.


No matter what fireplace bellows you choose, it will be an addition to your home that will not only add to the beauty of your interior, but it will also give you a conversation piece to discuss with friends and family. The collecting of fireplace bellows has also begun to take on and you and your family can choose a myriad of shapes, decorations, and styles for your collection to begin.


If you are looking for fireplace bellows, has a complete line from private collections all going for 25$ plus shipping. Some new, some old, some working, some not, so you will find the one that is perfect for you and your home. Also listed on the website are books for a dollar. With a low shipping charge, the books you find there are even cheaper than Amazon.

The use of fireplace bellows has been around for a long time.  A fireplace bellows works by drawing air through a whole in the bottom and forcing it through a nozzle by pressing down on either side and having leather pieces push air out.  People use fireplace bellows to get a fire going instead of using their mouth to blow the embers to start the fire.  Small bellows can work but large bellows are usually used to help get a fire going because they have a more volume of air.  Besides starting fires fireplace bellows can have more uses than just starting fires. You can buy a fireplace bellows that are aesthetically pleasing to your household decor and at the same time can be useful when starting a fire on a cold day.  

Fireplace bellows can even be personalized to accent a coat of arms for a family or an initial for a individual person.  Most fireplace bellows are made of wood and are decorated with either brass or metal ornaments.  They can come with the most simple of designs and still accent your furnishing and decorations, but if you are a more elaborate person, fireplace bellows can be adorned with brass, hand-painted, or even carved wood.  Fireplace bellows are great warming presents for people who enjoy a nice fire or the idea of having fireplace accessories around the house. You can find fireplace bellows online in many venues that can offer you new fireplace bellows or ones that have been used or are considered antiques.

Collecting fireplace bellows has become a passion for me. Scary huh? Or maybe weird. I started buying and selling them on ebay and it became an obession. Anyway, this blog is to announce a new website that I started selling fireplace bellows from my private collection. I have hundreds and I am going to offer a few of my unusual fireplace bellows on the site

The sites address is and is pretty primitve to start with. I will also be selling used books, other types of antiques, and odds and ends that I come up with. The unique thing about this site is that I sell all my fireplace bellows for only 25$. I have forgotten what I bought them for, some lower, some higher. So you might find a good deal on that perfect fireplace bellows for your mantal. Thanks for reading and please visit my site if not to buy, then just to browse.



Product Features

  • All natural weight loss product and metabolism booster
  • Increase energy levels
  • Oxidize more fat
  • Burn fat and increase your metabolism
  • Prevent the absorption of carbohydrate calories

62 capsules Zylene (Zylenium Complex) promotes weight loss, suppresses appetite and gives you sustained energy. Zylene is a natural dietary supplement with a foundation of natural antioxidants. This proprietary formula and blend of ingredients is 100% natural and also works to neutralize free radicals, slow the aging process, and promote heart protection. Zylene is manufactured by one of the top licensed pharmaceutical labs in the country and undergoes rigorous testing at every phase of development.

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Similar to Alli but alot cheaper.

Product Features

  • Fat Reduction
  • 60% Fat Elimination
  • Fat Burning
  • Free Sample Tea
  • Don Rainwater has written many articles on alternative medicine, vitamins, supplements, and natural healing. To visit his site and to find vitamins, supplements, and health books that will help you find self cure through non-conventional medicine please visit


Measures steps

  • 7 day history lets you review a full week of exercise
  • Resets at midnight automatically so it’s ready to go every morning
  • Large display and clock
  • Omron’s HJ-150 Hip Pedometer is a great motivational tool to track your steps as you walk your way through the day, and towards greater fitness. The small device’s simple operation is perfect for walking beginners, and it’s a great tool to help you achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether your goal is to maintain or improve overall health, lose weight or get more energy in your daily life, physical activity is essential to staying healthy.The sleek and small HJ-150 simply clips to your belt before you head out for a walk. Or, wear it throughout your busy day to find out just how much walking you’re doing in a typical day of work, errands, and play. Note that the HJ-150 must be positioned correctly; it must be horizontal to the ground in order for the unit to function accurately. The device counts your steps and then saves the information for up to seven days, letting you review a full week of exercise. The HJ-150 resets its internal step counter at midnight automatically so it’s ready to go every morning. An easy-to-read large display also features a clock so you’ve always got a timepiece at your side.

    The HJ-150 is powered by a replaceable lithium battery (CR2032) that will last approximately one year when used for walking 10,000 steps a day.

    • Fresh Arrival of Vintage Wuyi Oolong! Oolong tea, called Wu Long in Mandarian, is a Chinese tea which has been enjoyed for many centuries in China. A recent Japanese research shows that daily consumption of Oolong tea (3-4 cups) is effective in the control of body weight. Oolong tea is a partially-fermented tea, beween green tea (unfermented) and black tea (fermented).
    • The antioxidants in green tea are believed to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
    • It is great for cup, pot, or iced tea! Product of China!
    • 0 Fat, 0g Carbohydrate, 0 Calorie. Each box contains 100 individually wrapped tea bags. NT Wt. 7.0 oz. We are Selling by weight, not by unit. So purchase multiple units will help you reduce base shipping charge!
    • When brewed, it turns to a golden amber and the flavor to a complex, invigorating cup.
    • Measures any body part, arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips, and more!
    • Stylish design helps with ease of measurement
    • Push-button retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement and superior accuracy
    • Sturdy vinyl tape makes it long lasting. Simple to use.
    • Measures up to 60 inches in length (152 cm)

    Track all of your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and your unwanted fat goes away. This is the perfect complement to the Accu-Measure brand of Body Fat Calipers. (However, if you want a MyoTape for FREE, it comes copacked with the purchase the FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper from AccuFitness.)

    Product Description
    Track your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and your unwanted fat goes away!

    Don Rainwater has written many articles on alternative medicine, vitamins, supplements, and natural healing. To visit his site and to find vitamins, supplements, and health books that will help you find self cure through non-conventional medicine please visit