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U.S. Navy Uniforms, Little Has Changed Over the Years

Posted on: January 27, 2009

Little is known about U.S. Navy uniforms compared to other military uniforms.  Some might even say they are mythical because most people think they are older than what they really are.


Most controversy surrounding the U.S. Navy uniforms comes from the enlisted men’s bell bottomed trousers which used to contain eleven buttons on the flap and then were redesigned sometime in the 1990s and added two more buttons for account of 13 total buttons to represent the original 13 colonies.  Many of the recruiters were never told of the original eleven button bellbottoms and only told the story of the 13 buttons that represents the original colonies.


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1 Response to "U.S. Navy Uniforms, Little Has Changed Over the Years"

I joined the Navy in 1966 and served until 1978. Every pair of the blue wool trousers I was issued had 13 buttons.

I was in the Seabees, and we only had to wear those uniforms a couple times each year as ‘they’ held inspections to make certain we hadn’t traded our ‘sailor suits’ for something more useful.

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