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Prozyme is a plant derived enzyme food supplement utilizing a proprietary formulation of specially cultured enzymes to hydrolyse starches, proteins and triglycerides and to break down cellulose. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. All ingredients are human food grade and generally recognized as safe by the food grade and generally recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This Prozyme formulation is intended for use by all companion animals, especially dogs and cats. Add 1/4 teaspoon to each cup of food, using a dry measuring spoon. Serves 363 cups of food.  For more dog supplements and vitamins, please visit

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The 2K-9…. Two Dogs, ZERO tangles! The 2K-9 is a revolutionary new product allowing two dogs to be walked simultaneously with one hand without tangles. This is done by utilizing a rotating hub assembly which allows the dog’s leashes to cross but avoids the restrictions imposed by a typical cross lanyard. Imagine having a free hand while walking both of your best friends. The 2K-9 Double Dog Walker makes walking two dogs a snap! Use the leashes you already own to create an ergonomic walking system that is tangle free and safer than any other available. The 2K-9 is injection molded and assembled in Ohio. LEASHES NOT INCLUDED.

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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Is Your Older Dog Suffering is a new book by Don and Kellie Rainwater. This book brings together new information that will help your dog through their golden years healthier and more comfortable than letting nature takes it course.

Whether they are losing their eyesight, house training, or they get lost easily in familiar places, this book will allow you to circumvent some of the discomfort that they may be experiencing. Written with the love of dogs in mind, this book doesn’t only help you understand how your dog is suffering, but it also helps you with the emotions that you are feeling.

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Behavior can be a symptom of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction but it is also a manifestation of several other causes. Of course, the senior dog is going to have some behavior problems and those causes should be looked at before the diagnosis. Some important behavior differentials may include obsessive compulsive disorders. Your dog may be obsessed with the amount of food in their bowl or will only use the restroom in one area of the yard. Your dog may behave differently because of separation anxiety. When you are away from home, they may be suffering from separation anxiety and destroy things that they would not normally destroy.  For more information on Canine Cognitive Dysfunction please visit:

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is a diagnosis of exclusion which means that it cannot be confirmed in your dog to after death. That means you need to look for other causes that might be linked to your best friend’s issues. Other medical conditions can manifest symptoms that are similar to Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. A tumor or other central neurological disease can be the cause or any disease that affects the entire nervous system such as kidney or liver disease. Diabetes is another issue that can cause such symptoms. If your dog is suffering from a disorder that limits oxygen to the brain the same occurrence can happen.

Hearing loss is a natural occurrence of old age. As with humans we loose a little more hearing each year as we get older. This happens to our best friend also. As their hearing slowly goes, the dog will compensate for the loss and adapt behaviors accordingly. With Canine Cognitive Dysfunction the hearing loss can put out signals of confusion and the dog will react differently to the stimuli. For example, if you whistle for your dog and the normal behavior is to come to you, the disorder might confuse your dog and your dog will react in a different way than you would expect. These reactions will vary depending on the amount of hearing loss, the amount degree of the onslaught of the disorder, and the behaviors the dog was demonstrating before when they were younger.


House training may go out the window and is a unpleasant symptom of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. No matter how well your dog is house trained; there will be accidents if your dog has the disorder. Your dog may simply go outside and forget what they are outside for and come in and suddenly just go. An older dog has even been known to relieve themselves right in front of their owners. This can be very distressing for the older dog because they know it is wrong but they just can’t help themselves. This is also disturbing for the owners because this is one symptom that cannot be ignored. Retraining is out of the question. If they can’t remember training they have adhered to all their life, they won’t remember the training you administer now.

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