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Sold and signed by author.

Sold and signed by author.

The Dark Side of Colorado exposes all aspects of the Ted Bundy case, especially the murders that occured in Utah and Colorado. This great book is availabe at or from the authors website. The website offers books on all the dark deeds that happened in Colorado, plus non-violent Colorado books, South Parks stuff, and serial killer costumes, games, serial killer DVDs, and other macabe items. Just visit to read more about the book or just visit this fun site.

New for $28.99 Complete DVD set. Cheaper Used.

New for $28.99 Complete DVD set. Cheaper Used.

An interesting and original idea that’s very skillfully executed, Showtime’s Dexter is never less than watchable, often quite compelling, and sometimes thoroughly riveting. As the 12 episodes from the show’s first season (packaged here in a four disc set) reveal, it’s also the epitome of “high concept,” a kind of Silence of the Lambs for the C.S.I. generation.

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Available for $19.99 New

Available for $19.99 New

Watch Dexter slice his way into your heart. Visit the darkest site on the web.

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Serial Killer Mask is a latex face mask of ogre-ish big mouth, big teeth, flesh pulled with leather spiked detailing sculpted on.

Why did two Columbine seniors kill 12 of their classmates and a teacher just before committing suicide.  The book, “No Easy Answers: The Truth about Death at Columbine” looks at the how’s and why’s. The author Rob Merritt has appeared on Oprah and other shows and talked about the killing spree.  He is taking that experience and has written this book to explain this awful tragedy .


You can find this book and other books about the dark side of Colorado at http://www.coloradokillers.comat this site you can learn about the dark deeds that have plagued the state which includes Ted Bundy, Columbine, JonBenet Ramsey, Sand Creek massacre, and the legend of the Baby Doe.

Available at

Available at

Ted Bundy has been called one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of this nation. With his boyish looks and irresistible charm, Bundy would lure his victims to their demise in a most interesting and deceiving way. He would wait for an unsuspecting female and then walk buy with an arm load of books or other items.


If the lady did not ask to help him, he would solicit help and ask for assistance carrying the books or other items to his car. Once at the car Ted Bundy would hit his victim in the head with a tire iron or other hard object and at the same time pushing the now unconscious woman into the vehicle.


After this act of brutality, Ted Bundy would rape and kill his victim leaving their body in a place hard to find. The trail of blood and sorrow went across many states, but the state that has had the most scars is Colorado. Not only did Bundy visit and destroy the lives of several young women, he took away a little security that the state until this time had felt.

The state of Colorado has seen its share of boom and bust periods. Even though living in the state is great, there is some skeleton in the closets that many people have not heard of. There are tales of tragedy and death that still haunts the state of Colorado today.


Don and Kellie Rainwater have collected these macabre stories together in one volume in their new book, “The Dark Side of Colorado: Murder, Mayhem, and Massacre” This new book features stories that some Colorado historians want to forget.


There is a chapter on Ted Bundy’s bloody visit to the state detailing his murders and sexual crimes. Though convicted and executed, Ted Bundy left a terrible scar on the psyche of Coloradoans.


Jon Benet Ramsey’s murder is detailed and though the parents were recently exonerated, the mystery is still alive for the residents of Boulder.


Older tragedies like the Sand Creek Massacre, the Ludlow Massacre, and the sad story of Baby Doe Tabor is explained.


The book even has recent stories chronicled like the Columbine Massacre and the Michael Murray shooting spree.


Though each story needs an entire book written about them, the detail in this book is enough to satisfy the curious and fill in the missing knowledge that the newspapers and tabloids do not give.


The book is available at or at So if you are interested in the dark side of Colorado history, this is a must read.