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Antique Fireplace Brass Includes Andirons, Bellows and More

Posted on: February 17, 2009

Antique fireplace brass could encompass fireplace bellows which have brass valves in order to push the air out of onto the fire or antique brass copper andirons which set inside the fireplace to help hold the wood up off the fireplace floor.


Other antique fireplace brass accessories include fireplace grates, fireplace coal or ash  buckets of various sizes and styles, fireplace screens, fireplace tool sets, wood holders, wood carriers, fireplace hearth fender, fireplace log holders, fireplace log pokers, a brass ‘tidy set’ and fireplace bellows in addition to the fireplace andirons.


The use of brass in antique fireplace brass accessories is because brass holds up well to the extreme and intense heat given off by the fire. It also allows one to clean up the black soot that is left behind on these accessories to be easily wiped clean with a dampened wash cloth or other cloth. There are special brass cleaners on the market that will help restore an antique fireplace brass accessories to it’s original shine, however they could be toxic and may not mix well with fires so read the label before applying these or any product to a brass fireplace antique.


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A good safey way to wipe down the brass is to use windex, it’s safe for the material and removes soot from back drafting with no problem.

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