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Being a military person or family, moving is probably not something new. However, moving overseas has additional steps needed in order to make your move successful. When moving overseas, there are usually two different shipments in regards to your house furnishings. When preparing to move it is vital to have two separate piles, one for things you plan to take with you in suitcases and another pile which is called “whole baggage” or “unaccompanied baggage“, things which should arrive before your home furnishings. Things to consider taking with you in suitcases need to consist of many changes of clothes, school work for children, medications needed and medical records and legal documents as well as activities for the children, if any.

Things that should include in the “whole baggage”/”unaccompanied baggage” should be things you hope to have and use before your household shipment arrives, such as sleeping bags, pillows, chairs, cookware, a few dishes and winter/summer clothes depending on the time and season of your move. Keep in mind you will more than likely live in a home with virtually no furnishing what-so-ever for a period. If you have children, you may want to consider toys and activities for them and possibly a radio, television and possibly a VCR or DVD player. Many people include a home computer or lap top for communication purposes with families and friends back in the states. Another excellent thing to include in your “whole baggage”/”unaccompanied baggage” is linens, towels and washcloths.

Another important suggestion when preparing for an overseas move is planning ahead. All family members will need specific shots and medical appointments prior to the move and depending on your location certain documents are required and may need to be ordered. Be sure to remember to include all medical records and traveling documents and important paperwork in a safe place and also in a place where they will not be packed and loaded by the movers.
Be sure to plan ahead when shipping and/or selling your vehicle and have a trusted friend or family member to help complete any issues for you by preparing legal documents specific to your request. This is just a few things to keep in mind when preparing for an overseas tour.

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For military families who have school age children and live overseas have the opportunity to enroll their children in a Department of Defense Schools. These schools are located on overseas military installations and are very similar to US Public Schools. Department of Defense Schools usually have a principal and vice principal as well as the usual school personnel such as skilled and trained teachers and guidance staff. The Department of Defense Schools offers the same academic opportunities as US Public Schools with one vast difference.

Department of Defense School students have opportunities many US Public Schools do not have and are unable to experience in learning about the culture and experience and travel the country in which their school is located. In many cases the Department of Defense Schools offers a course based on whichever country/culture the school is located in for the children to learn and experience. Many of the Department of Defense Schools encourage their students to take time to travel and experience the country and neighboring countries as it is may be educational as well as an opportunity that so many American children can never and will never have the opportunity to experience. Traveling and learning about their countries culture, beliefs and way of life is an experience many military members experience and often time obtain themselves during their time there.

A noticeably patriot atmosphere surrounds Department of Defense Schools for many. The bonds formed while attending school overseas is truly inspirational. Families and children alike have many similarities in lifestyle and have a strong sense of pride when it comes to being part of the United States Military Families.

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Being an active duty or retired child offers a range of activities and entertainment opportunities on military bases or installations. Many military installations offers social opportunities for children. Most installations have a Youth Center for children. The Youth Center or sometimes called Family Centers offer a wide variety of activities themselves, such as pool tables, ping pong tables and a variety of video games. The Centers also offer activities for the children such as field trips, dances or sometimes even a lock-in. It is a wonder place for youngsters to hang out with their friends and find a place to form new friendships.

Other opportunities for children are available for children as well. Most military installation have a library which host a story time hour and activities, a bowling alley and often times a movie theater. Sporting leagues are another excellent opportunity for military children and range from baseball, basketball, soccer, football and sometimes even hockey and bowling leagues. As with any sport, being part of a team or league is a wonderful opportunity for military youth to learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Some military installations may even offer volunteer opportunities for children. This of course is a wonderful opportunity for children to not only learn the value of volunteering, but also the opportunity to obtain many valuable skills. Some opportunities are even available for teenagers to obtain summer employment as well. These jobs are training opportunities for them to learn skills necessary to build a wonderful work ethic and may be just the beginning to open many doors to for military kids.

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Many military members choose to live on a military installation at some point during their military career. Living in military housing has its rewards and can also have its downfalls as well. Military housing is usually a wonderful experience for children as there are usually many children to socialize with and/or play with. Same thing applies to adults as well. Some families form lifelong friendships and amazing bonds, while others keep to themselves and have no interest in being social or getting to know their neighbors. Most often in military housing the homes are a duplex or very close together and can often be awkward and even downright uncomfortable when one family or another are having issues. For many military families, living on a military installation allows an opportunity for them to get to know a variety of people from many different areas.

It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know and relate to even many different cultures and even get to know more about other areas in our country as well as other countries. Military children have the same opportunities and are a great way to learn more about our country and others compared to other children who grow up and live in the same town their entire life. Many military families consider living on a military installation as an opportunity one may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. The bonds and friendships made while living on a military installation can be lifelong. Often times, the military member and sometimes the military families have other opportunities to run into or cross paths with prior neighbors as they move from installation to installation.

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Being a military family, you most often have an opportunity to live on a military installation. Living on a military installation offers many positives for the military family. Many times the military member is often times working away from home and living on a military installation provides a great amount of comfort for the military family. Living on a base or installation offers the opportunity to bond and relate with other military families who are familiar with the lifestyle of a military family. That alone provides an enormous amount of comfort. Being a military family, our lifestyle is very different from the average family. A military family move more often than the average family and are often separated from the military member more than the average family, so being surrounded by similar families is a great comfort.

Usually a military installation provides many conveniences for the military families by offering a variety of services and programs. Usually a military installation has Youth Centers, Libraries, Bowling Alleys and other various recreational opportunities as well as fitness centers and walking and biking trails. The installation also offers job opportunities for the military spouse as well as bonding opportunities for the children. Sometimes a military installation offers elementary schools and often times will have a childcare facility as well, which is also extremely convenient. Living on a military installation not only offers a variety of services and activities, having similar families around you can also be very rewarding. A military family is a very rewarding and exciting experience and living on a military installation can be very comforting.

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Being separated from your military spouse is a reality for military families. For most military families their military spouse could be gone as much as nine months out of the year and given the recent worldly events, it is usually for an even greater amount of time. The best thing a military spouse can do while their loved one is serving their country often times a world away is to rely heavily on other military families. Military families are familiar with the difficulties of being a solo wife and often times a parent. It is gratifying knowing that the friends you are involved with when you are a military family are familiar with the issues and situations you may be faced with.

A military unit, squadron, platoon, or battalion is a family in itself and looks after their own. Most often a military personnel and/or a family member will call to check on the families while the military spouse is working away from home. Often times they will help you work on a broken vehicle, fix or maintain the home or simply watch arrange for child care so the military spouse is able to take care of personal things without their children. The number one thing a military spouse learns very quickly when their loved one is out of town is to rely on other military families and their spouses co-workers. What goes around will usually come around. You and your military member will have the opportunity to help someone else while their loved one is away.

Don Rainwater has written many articles about life in the military especially life in the Marine Corps. If you are interested in cool Marine Corp merchandise, visit