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The idea that sickness was a sickness of the soul has traveled through the millenniums and still has a firm hold in the belief systems of much of the world. The idea that the interrelationships and communication of a person trained in touch healing has not only been a standard for Christian precepts but has even been entertained and embraced in the secular world. The idea of a soul may not ascend to secular thinker, but the idea that there is a mind and body connection allows touch healing to provide dramatic success no matter if it is evangelical minister or a simple practitioner that is working out of an office or home.


Faith healing or touch healings have been the echo of many revival tents across the nations since the beginnings of the 19th century. The fervor of a tent full of people reaching their religious heights give the patient a heightened since of community and through that empowerment their faith works within their mind, and in many cases, the mind will heal the body. The secular believer will instill the ideas of psychology and psychotherapy. No matter what it is considered, it is viable force in the healing process and needs to be embraced by conventional medicine therapy. .  


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When your beloved pet gets older it needs a more comfortable living arrangement. The first thing you may notice is that his muzzle is graying. Your dog doesn’t have as much energy as he used to and his bones are starting to creak. His teeth may have problems too unless he has had regular oral care. Larger breeds age faster than smaller breeds. There are large breeds that are old at five years. There are things you can do to help your senior dog live a happier life. But have your veterinarian examine your dog because the signs you’re noticing may not be age related.

Now you can make your dog’s living quarters easier for him to deal with. You can do things around the house like having fresh water available in different rooms so he doesn’t have to walk as far and avoid having things he would want upstairs. You can avoid injury to your senior dog in the house by using rubber backed mats or rugs that will help keep him from sliding or falling on slick tile or waxed wooden floors. Placing cushy bedding in several areas of the house and especially downstairs, so he won’t try to climb the stairs to your bedroom is a good idea. Climbing stairs for a senior dog can aggravate his arthritic condition and he may hurt himself in the attempt.

If your dog has always been allowed on the furniture like your bed or the couch then a pet ramp of doggie sets will aid him in climbing onto your bed or couch. If he is having a hard time getting into your car folding or telescoping ramps are very useful and are sold in pet stores. You can reduce your large dog’s neck and back with elevated feeders. This may be the best thing for him if he is arthritic. If he also has missing teeth or other oral problems then feeding him softer food and adding some water and mashing up his food can aid him in eating. It will also help his digestion.

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They have to realize that the idea of touch healing or laying on the hands has been apart of human history since pre-historic times. Early man used the touch of the shaman or priestess in their clan to cleanse them from evil spirits which where basic ailments of the mind and body. Religious icons such as Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad, used the laying on the hands to transfer the spiritual energy to the sick and those who believed in that energy where healed or at least felt that they were healed. The faith of the patient and the mind that held that faith, overrode the mental barriers for change and health.


The touching of a higher power even transcends to man where the Kings and Queens of Europe touched their subjects to give them their blessings and their prayers. There was reported pregnancies, healings, and even resurrection in one case when a royal entity touched their subjects giving them the faith that that royal person was ordained by God to serve the post as leader of the kingdom or country. Today touch therapy may have a non-conventional medicine name and understanding, but the faith of two thousand years and more has been the true milestone in which the practice should be measured.


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The person being healed experiences varies with which technique is used. If patients are passive and wait for something to be done to them, this is known as allopathic healing. They may be prayed for, touched, or put in the middle of a community healing ritual. An active role can be taken by the patient so that the patient seeks out the prayer or the touching and this puts that patience in command of their healing experience. No matter which way the person seeks or receives, it is important that both the patient and the healer beilieve in the healing process.


This process takes medical science out of the picture, something that neither the medical of pharmaceutical industries want. There is no money in touch healing unless it is through the alms and donations to the foundation, church, or individual that performs them. If the conventional medicine industry wants to take on this type of therapy, then they have to do so by believing that the therapy actually works and this will tax heavily on the agnostic beliefs of most medical personnel. A whole retraining in holistic medicine will have to be incorporated at the basics of medical training.




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Through medical artifacts, touch healing has been around for over 20,000 years. Modern medicine sees a disease is a entity that usually comes from an external causation. Conventional medicine looks a removing the cause without looking at the effects of the cause or the reason for the cause itself. One basic assumption of touch healing is that you are using something invisible, something that cannot be explained by science. The transference if more spiritual, it can be seen as visions, dreams, and prayers which are evidence of mind and body relationships. It exists, but modern medicine is just now realizing that it does and does not want to recognize it.


Touch healing has also been aligned with faith healing or energy healers. The belief that a supernatural being has used the touch healer as a medium in which to drive the healing energy into the ailing body is very popular. Instead of the supernatural deity, the healer uses persuasion and faith as a catalyst between patient and healer.  The healer and the patient have to achieve a state of awareness that is perceived by both of them that the therapy is working and through the touch method, the patient will be healed. The belief is the connection between the workings of the mind and the healing of the body.




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For the past 30 years there has been an awareness of the human energy system and how the concepts of healing can tap into that awareness.  A philosophy was approached that interpreted ancient healing practices to calm human distress.  Therapeutic touch or touch healing has been the best known of these practices.  Programs have been developed to support and recognize the practitioners or otherwise known as energy healers.  These programs derived their healing touch from shamanic and aborigine traditions.  A course was constructed that had a five-part course outline that would allow practitioners to begin the healing techniques from the beginning to the advanced levels.  These courses became so popular from 1986 on that there are even certifications awarded by the American Holistic Nurses Association.


The entire idea of the healing touch program has been an emphasis on training the healing practitioner.  The idea is to have the client increase the healing process from pain relief, increasing relaxation, and a sense of well-being.  Another emphasis is through interpersonal communication in which the healer and the client need to become bonded through communication, touch, and a belief that the processes work.  This takes a lot of insightful self-awareness from the healing touch practitioner.  They must have the self-discipline to have the highest good intended for the client.  People who practice healing touch has stated that the program has changed them both mentally, spiritually, and physically after they have taken the program and had interface with several clients.


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During the 1970s there was an explosion of new interest in the approaches of alternative or nonconventional medicine.  In the realm of psychotherapy there were self-help programs that developed that included support groups and learning for self-awareness and personal growth.  Some people call this the human potential movement because people were relying on themselves instead of the medical industry.  People realized that they could through their own healing process is no longer be mentally ill or sick.  If there was a life crisis or an emergency in one’s life, the ability to receive healthcare became commonplace.  People found that the intervention of people with like stories could overcome the physical and emotional needs and the creation of a chronic condition could be halted.


The trend continued during the 1980s and more early interventions and increased self-care lead to more nonconventional methods during the healing process.  Communication skills and interpersonal relationships were the focus of these types of treatments and an organization together called the American Holistic Medical l Association..  The 1990s brought in the fight for the legal acceptance and the social acceptance of nonconventional medicine.  This was fought by complex healthcare administrations in a movement toward cost containment.  As the information became accepted about the complexity with the relationship between the body and the mind there is more evidence that there was a force that turned a disability into ability without the use of modern medicine.  Now conventional medicine slowly has moved towards alternative medicine and as an example there are programs of stress management for cardiac symptoms that can be taught to the patient before they have a heart event.

A high level of homocysteine in the blood level contributes to the arteries hardening or arteriosclerosis. Around a fourth of the adult population in the United States has a very high level. Eating too much meat, butter, causes this problem and anything with animal products, so if your fries are fried in animal fat that is contributing to your homocysteine. It is an amino acid that the body makes from methionine again it originates in animal products. This causes the blood to be stickier and that means blood clots, which lead to hear attacks.

There is good news. Researchers in Naples, Italy from the Second University in the Department of Geriatrics found that 1000 milligrams of vitamin C and 800 IU of Vitamin E per week lowered the homocysteine level in test subjects. Richard N. Podell, M.D., M.P.H says that if a person has a high-risk he should take up to 2 grams of vitamin C daily.

This is another benefit of vitamin C. Some people thought Dr. Linus Pauling exaggerated the ability of ascorbic acid to help the human body, but new researchers through the years keep proving that he was definitely on the right track. It looks like ascorbic acid is capable of curing diseases much more serious than the common cold. It seems he has been proven correct that large doses of it can help the body alleviate illness. According to The National Academy of Science large does of vitamin C could harm people with hemochromatosis, but they are a tiny minority. It is a genetic disease. For the vast majority of people this vitamin in excess will just wash out of their system, after their body takes what it needs.

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There are two other names for glucosamine: Chitosamine and Glucosamine sulfate. Though it is usually safe to take here are some considerations. Don’t use it before you tell your doctor if you have an allergy to any medicine proscribed or over-the-counter or a supplement, you are allergic to shellfish, if you are diabetic, suffer from asthma because the combination of chrondrotin and glucosamine can possibly make asthma worse.

It is advisable to ask your doctor how much you should take because the reason you are taking it and how strong it is should be entered into your choice of dosage. Keep it out of direct light and remember that dampness and heat can make it break down and not work as well.

Though it is normally safe for any adult to use, if you have any of these reactions then call your physician: rash, itching, faster heart beat, your ankles swell, can’t sleep, have trouble breathing or your chest or throat become tight.

Here is the information concerning and side effects according to No total contraindications have been found, there is a lack of information concerning glucosamine and pregnancy, and there are no well-documented interactions. They say as a general rule it is thought as safe to use.

Glucosamine can be used with your pets also. Check with your vet and find out if the supplement is right for you. Many old dogs have been able to regain the use or their legs or other functions with the use of glucosamine.

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