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Vampires are wrapped in myth and folklore. These creatures of the night subsisted by feeding on the blood of those who lived. In the folklores, these undead vampires often visited family and loved ones and cause all kinds of mischief or even death in the area in which they lived when they walked the earth alive. The vampires often wore shrouds and would stalk the night with a dark and ruddy countenance.


These vampires of lore are in stark contrast to those that are perceived today. Today’s vampires are seen as gaunt and pale and often very good looking. Today’s vampires are often romantic and have a high power of seduction. Movie screens have transformed the feared creature of the night into young teenagers and good looking actors that put a little romance into the kill. The original vampire was loathed and feared and was often seen as an ugly monster.

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With the recent release of the movie “Twilight,” the continuing fascination with the world of vampires is reaching a new record in hype and media coverage. Vampires, an age old legend, has ingrained itself in American culture after the Brams Stoker novel, Dracula. Since then there has been hundreds of books and a score of movies made about these creatures of the night.


People now fantasize about being vampires creating vampire clubs, having vampire parties, and even dressing up like these mystical denizens of the night. Vampire jewelry has become popular especially after the move, “Interview with a Vampire.” These vampire jewelry pieces are Victorian in nature and have a dark twist of the macabre. If you are interested in Vampire jewelry pieces or other souveniours of vampire lore, check out