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Sold and Signed by Author Click Pic

Sold and Signed by Author Click Pic

With the new shootings in Germany, people interested in the mind of the serial killer and mass murderer has found this book a treasure trove of valuable information. Click picture to view details. Sold and signed by author.

Click pic for more info.

Click pic for more info.

Written in the style of 40s and 50s pulp fiction, Stephen King bring his take of the genre an takes on “The Colorado Kid.” You can find this newest Stephen King book at for only a penny used or $5.99 new. also offers several venues into the macabe. There are pages with serial killer DVDs, books about autrocities in Colorado, and even a tribute to South Park. If you have never been, is an experience you will never forget.
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Click piic for more info. a site dedicated to the dark side of Colorado and the dark side of human kind, has added five new DVDs to its slaher collection. Some from only a penny plus shipping, you can now find:

Cry Wolf, Safety in Numbers, Hatchet, See No Evil, and My Bloody Valentine.

You can find all the old standbys that has made this site one of the most exciting on the web:

Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffery Dahlmer, and many other real life serial killers. The site also hosts books, computer games, and other things of the macabe nature.

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The state of Colorado has seen its share of boom and bust periods. Even though living in the state is great, there is some skeleton in the closets that many people have not heard of. There are tales of tragedy and death that still haunts the state of Colorado today.


Don and Kellie Rainwater have collected these macabre stories together in one volume in their new book, “The Dark Side of Colorado: Murder, Mayhem, and Massacre” This new book features stories that some Colorado historians want to forget.


There is a chapter on Ted Bundy’s bloody visit to the state detailing his murders and sexual crimes. Though convicted and executed, Ted Bundy left a terrible scar on the psyche of Coloradoans.


Jon Benet Ramsey’s murder is detailed and though the parents were recently exonerated, the mystery is still alive for the residents of Boulder.


Older tragedies like the Sand Creek Massacre, the Ludlow Massacre, and the sad story of Baby Doe Tabor is explained.


The book even has recent stories chronicled like the Columbine Massacre and the Michael Murray shooting spree.


Though each story needs an entire book written about them, the detail in this book is enough to satisfy the curious and fill in the missing knowledge that the newspapers and tabloids do not give.


The book is available at or at So if you are interested in the dark side of Colorado history, this is a must read.


Smit is steadfast in the intruder theory because none of the foreign DNA found and tested by either test matched anyone in the Ramsey family’s DNA. Also, a rope was found near the driveway that didn’t match any rope the Ramseys owned. According to John Douglas who has had great success in solving crimes and he is a killer profiler, an interloper murdered JonBenét.

Douglas said that the Ramseys didn’t match the profile of someone that kills his own child. His main point is that the Ramseys didn’t have a motive, but parents that kill their children always have one. Normally such a victim would have shown physical or emotional attributes of being abused preceding being murdered, but JonBenét didn’t have that history. Her doctor and teachers said that there were no signs ever of any abuse.

It is an interesting point that when Patsy called 911 she didn’t tell the dispatcher that the note stated that her daughter would be beheaded if the authorities were summoned. She called their pastor and some friends to come over too, though the note said that “If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies.” When Detective Linda Arndt arrived about 8:00 am the friends and the pastor were at the Ramsey home. When the police searched the grounds they didn’t find any indications of a break in according to some of the media accounts and this was broadcast because one officer in his official report stated, ” “Strange, no footprints.” the report also said there were no indications of forced entry.

Don Rainwater has written articles and books on the dark side of Colorado history. If you want more information, books, products, about Colorado’s dark past including Ted Bundy, Columbine, the Sand Creek Massacre, the Ludlow Massacre, Baby Doe, and more, please visit

Available at

//www.coloradokillers.comA comparison of two of the detectives that worked on the case and their theories proves interesting. Smit when assigned to the case had been a homicide detective for thirty years and had solved the Heather Church case. Thomas’ experience had been in narcotics. Thomas believed that Patsy killed her own daughter over wetting the bed. Also that Patsy was upset over her daughter’s refusal to wear an outfit to the Christmas party that matched hers. He also cites a tiring holiday season and Christmas Day, plus Patsy was going to turn forty soon as reasons for her to get that angry. He also thinks that the mother cleaned her child up in a rough manner from the bed wetting and that is how the fibers found in her privates got there.

In defense of his theory he states in his book that a doctor they had discussed the case with said issues of toilet training are “textbook examples” that cause parents to fly into a rage. He thinks she knocked her daughter’s head against the bathtub and then choked her. Thomas said that Patsy would have thought JonBenét was already dead after the inflicted head trauma, as she would have looked deceased. He believes it wasn’t premeditated, but that Patsy panicked and then proceeded to set things up to look like an intruder killed her daughter and also to look like a kidnapping.

He also supports his theory with the point of the ransom note being written on paper that came from a notepad in the Ramsey home. Patsy’s handwriting wasn’t totally cleared from being the handwriting of the note writer, but it wasn’t close enough to be acceptable in court. The scale used by handwriting analysts is from one to five and hers was a four

Don Rainwater has written articles and books on the dark side of Colorado history. If you want more information, books, products, about Colorado’s dark past including Ted Bundy, Columbine, the Sand Creek Massacre, the Ludlow Massacre, Baby Doe, and more, please visit

Ted Bundy was obsessed with pornography. When he was 13 years old he began reading dirty magazines that he found in a dumping ground near his home. He was instantly mesmerized by the images of naked women. His obsession turned sour when he became are more interested in the violent scenes of rape and S&M then he was with just the subtle pictures of nude ladies. He suddenly was turned on by seeing women that were tortured, murdered, or other gruesome occurrences. From magazines his obsession turned to videos where once he had his fill of fantasy he began to make that fantasy become real.

Ted Bundy was a law student and was considered very good-looking and intelligent. His process of murder was to lure young woman to his car by using several different methods. One of the methods that he used was to carry large amounts of books while he walked on campus. When a young girl would come along alone, he would drop all the books and of course the young girl would bend help him out. He would then ask the girl to maybe carry some of the books to his car.

Once the young lady was bent over putting the books in the back seat, Bundy would either push or shove the lady into the car. Once Bundy has fulfilled his sexual needs and no longer needed the girl, in a fit of rage he would kill the girl and dump her body in a place for the body would not be found for longtime.

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