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Uri acid is part of red meat and this meat is found in a lot of dog foods. The dilemma is that too much uric acid is a cause of arthritis. Glucosamine helps reduce the inflammation. Cartilage and synovial fluid have glucosamine in them; cartilage is part of the connective tissue and synovial fluid is a lubricant for the joints.

Glucosamine has been shown to help alleviate these health problems: rheumatoid and osteoarthritus, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation, bursitis, and disc degeneration. This nutrient will benefit your dog by reducing the inflammation in his discs, joints, and his siatic nerve. A common health ailment that dogs develop and more so large dogs is hip dysplasia; that means that there is a ball and socket situation. In other words, the joint moves out of alignment. This ailment can begin in a young dog and there won’t be any symptoms like pain or limping until later. The good news is that glucosamine supplements can help this problem. Cats also find glucosamine beneficial if they develop arthritis, which is less common for them, but if a cat has had trauma to a joint it can develop.

This supplement can make the difference between a dog or cat suffering from inflamed joints and hobbling around and one that can move freely and whose pain and inflammation have been reduced. Dogs that are jumpers put more strain on their joints and are more likely to develop joint problems. Supplementing while your dog is younger can help to reduce the incidence of joint aliments.

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