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The USMC toys for tots program is a great way to not only give to the community of young children who are not as fortunate as most, but it also gives the Marine Corps a duty to community that is added to their duty around the world. The USMC is a prestigious service that lives by a code of honor. Helping those who cannot help themselves is ingrained in the psyche of the Marine and the toys for tots program is a great way for these Marines to service their town or state.


So next time you are in Wal-Mart or other department store, think about those less needy. Pick up a new toy, wrapped, and put it in the USMC toys for tot’s box. Make sure it is new; they will not take new toys. Once placed, you can be sure that the Marines will do their duty and make sure that the toy will find its place in the hands of a deserving child that will allow for a better Christmas than without it. Remember the Holiday season is about giving, so help out the USMC toys for tots program and give generously today.