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If you need help picking a good Labrador puppy name there are several sites that have lists of names. Some of the lists have explanations for the names. Once you search for Labrador puppy you’ll sees names suggested at the bottom and can then find names for different kinds of Labrador puppies. You can also search Labrador Retriever puppy names. In the end you may just think of a Labrador puppy name on your own, but the lists can help you jump start your own lists of Labrador puppy names. Then you can narrow it down and finally choose the name you like the best.

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The Labrador is a very popular breed in the U.S.A. The Labrador originated in Newfoundland where they trained them to haul in fishing nets in frigid waters. The first name for the breed was St John’s Dogs. During the 1800’s some of the Labradors were taken to England. The English sharpened the Labrador’s retrieving instinct. A Labrador is an intelligent and easily trained dog. The Labrador is an excellent breed to train for guide and drug detections dogs. Labs are prime competitors in field trial and obedience competitions. A Labrador is also a great family dog because he is affectionate and gentle.


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