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A high-altitude alligator farm. A UFO watchtower. A monument to a headless chicken. While other travel guides tell you about tackling Pike’s Peak, skiing the back bowls, or rafting down the Arkansas River, this quirky regional resource offers unusual travel destinations and little-known historical titbits. Imagine regaling co-workers with unique Rocky Mountain adventures, like spending an evening at a drive-in movie…in a queen-sized bed, or visiting a vapour cave clad only in a towel. How about seeing a two-headed dragon made of car parts, or watching cliff divers while eating Mexican food?

New for $28.99 Complete DVD set. Cheaper Used.

New for $28.99 Complete DVD set. Cheaper Used.

An interesting and original idea that’s very skillfully executed, Showtime’s Dexter is never less than watchable, often quite compelling, and sometimes thoroughly riveting. As the 12 episodes from the show’s first season (packaged here in a four disc set) reveal, it’s also the epitome of “high concept,” a kind of Silence of the Lambs for the C.S.I. generation.

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Available for just $5.34

Available for just $5.34

Freddy Krueger Molded Fedora:Freddy likes to wear this brown molded EVA foam fedora that features slash marks and a permanent center crease Generous fit, one size fits most Interior 7″ x 9″

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Available for $19.99 New

Available for $19.99 New

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Written to target conservative Christians, John and Pat Ramsey have written their memoirs about their experiences during and after the death of their child JonBenet Ramsey.  They have written their memories down about the tragic time and how it felt to be scrutinized by the public and the media as possible suspects and her daughter’s murder.


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Why did two Columbine seniors kill 12 of their classmates and a teacher just before committing suicide.  The book, “No Easy Answers: The Truth about Death at Columbine” looks at the how’s and why’s. The author Rob Merritt has appeared on Oprah and other shows and talked about the killing spree.  He is taking that experience and has written this book to explain this awful tragedy .


You can find this book and other books about the dark side of Colorado at http://www.coloradokillers.comat this site you can learn about the dark deeds that have plagued the state which includes Ted Bundy, Columbine, JonBenet Ramsey, Sand Creek massacre, and the legend of the Baby Doe.