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Pain is a huge stimulus that will cause your pet to change their behavior. They may become more irritable or even aggression may rear its ugly head. Canine Cognitive Dysfunction will not cause pain, but your pet could be more prone to hurt themselves. If they are going deaf or blind, most dogs can compensate for the change, but if Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is involved, then they may not be able to compensate for their loss. If your dog is not losing their hearing or their sight and they are bumping into things or getting lost, then Canine Cognitive Dysfunction may be in the picture.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is a diagnosis of exclusion which means that it cannot be confirmed in your dog to after death. That means you need to look for other causes that might be linked to your best friend’s issues. Other medical conditions can manifest symptoms that are similar to Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. A tumor or other central neurological disease can be the cause or any disease that affects the entire nervous system such as kidney or liver disease. Diabetes is another issue that can cause such symptoms. If your dog is suffering from a disorder that limits oxygen to the brain the same occurrence can happen.

When you are looking at your dog’s health problems you need to look at both behavioral and medical issues. This would lead you to look at the behavior problems as the primary issue and then the medical problems that might cause the behavior. These medical problems might look like Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, but they can mimic them quite well. It will take your vet to rule out medical condition and both a neurological and physical examination is required. Your vet will see the changes in the neurological exam and will be able to tell you if the behaviors are caused by neurological damage or disorders.