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Labrador puppies are very energetic and active. Labrador puppies play for hours on end and want you to play with them. If you don’t play with them their behavior is likely to suffer, they like swimming, playing fetch, and retrieving a ball or catching a Frisbee. Don’t take Labrador puppies for long jogs as their bones are growing. Take the pup on a walk and play fetch with him so some of his enormous energy is used.

Labrador puppies house train easily. But they go exploring and explore with their mouth. Keep safe chew toys for them to gnaw on. Removing things you don’t want the pup to chew is best.

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The Labrador is a very popular breed in the U.S.A. The Labrador originated in Newfoundland where they trained them to haul in fishing nets in frigid waters. The first name for the breed was St John’s Dogs. During the 1800’s some of the Labradors were taken to England. The English sharpened the Labrador’s retrieving instinct. A Labrador is an intelligent and easily trained dog. The Labrador is an excellent breed to train for guide and drug detections dogs. Labs are prime competitors in field trial and obedience competitions. A Labrador is also a great family dog because he is affectionate and gentle.


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Some breeders say that the chocolate Labrador can be shy and because this is caused by fear it will be aggressive. This is the opposite of the usual temperament of a Labrador. They contend this is because the gene pool for the chocolate Labrador is too small. Other breeders and owners say that the chocolate Labrador has the same gentle, playful, and even keeled temperament that all labs are known for.


Some breeders and handlers say the chocolate Labradors are somewhat silly and not as smart as the black and yellow Labs. They think it is because chocolate Labrador is bred from show dog stock and tend to see the yellow and black as working dogs and thus smarter.

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Pigmentation in Labs mostly occurs in yellow Labradors. Recessive genes cause pigmentation. Pigmentation in yellow Labradors normally shows up in the tail, feet, lips, nose, gums, and around the periphery of the eyes. The color of the pigmentation is usually black or liver. With age the yellow Labradors nose may turn pink.


The liver pigmentation is called Dudley. If the dog is a lighter yellow the nose color will be lighter and a yellow tending to a reddish shade will have a darker Dudley look. In the majority of yellow Labradors the black nose fades around two years of age.

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