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When someone buys discount fireplace bellows he should still look for quality and practicality. What size of discount fireplace bellows do you need? Do you have a large or small fireplace and what size fires do you normally build? Some bellows have handles that extend and some don’t. To avoid bending over the fireplace, get bellows with the extended handles. Discount fireplace bellows with more elaborate decoration are still going to be more costly than plain ones. Some of the discount fireplace bellows are powered with batteries so pumping the bellows isn’t required. All in all the discounted bellows that are fancier will cost a little more.

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One of the great old bellows you will find at

One of the great old bellows you will find at

Some sources suggest that fireplace bellows history began with man around the campfire keeping it going by using bellows made from animal skin. As man moved into huts and on to cabins and such he heated them with fires and experimented with holes that became the fireplace flue. Fireplace bellows history definitely goes back into European history hundreds of years before they came to America. Old shipping and other records list them.  Some of the fireplace bellows history includes old New England fireplace bellows with moon faces, dragons, or animals carved into the wood of the bellows.


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Before learning how to build fireplace bellows you need to know the tools and materials needed for the project. You’ll need one of three saws: band saw, jigsaw or saber saw. Next make sure you have a brace and a drill. The bits needed are 5/8” and 2/2’.  Other items needed are scissors, glue, and sandpaper. You’ll need some wood and scrap wood will do. To get into more than the basics of how to build fireplace bellows you’ll want some scrap upholstery material, which can be gotten from your local furniture upholstery artisan or shop. You can get good vinyl and leather from the upholsterer. Once you have your tools and materials plans for how to build fireplace bellows can be obtained from the Internet, Lowes or Mother Earth News.


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This is a wood and brown leather with bottom piece being brass…eagle design on wood but it is fading…leather does have wear but does not seem to affect the air as it works okay just not great… $35.00 and FREE SHIPPING

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Vintage fireplace bellows are becoming more and more popular as household decorations this Christmas. A vintage fireplace bellow can bring taste and distinction to almost any décor. A vintage fireplace bellow can be an antique fireplace bellow or one that is just a few decades old and is no longer for sale on the fireplace bellow market. Whether the vintage fireplace bellow works or does not, the look and feel of a vintage fireplace bellow is a look of the old world. No matter if you have a fireplace or not, the vintage fireplace bellow can be hung on a wall or doorway that is appropriate. You can find vintage fireplace bellows on the web. Ebay is an excellent source, but you can find sites that sell only from a private collection. One such site is There you can find several bellows that are reasonably priced and ready to take home or send to a relative or friend for a gift.


One of the most comforting things during the holidays is a roaring fire. With a fireplace, the fireplace itself is important, but the accessories that adorn the mantle and the hearth are just as important for aesthetic purposes. The fireplace bellows is one of the most important item for a fireplace ensemble and even if it is not used for its purpose, the perfect fireplace bellows will reflect the personality of the owner and the warmth of the house.


There are many types of fireplace bellows you can decorate with and each has its own flair for distinction. Brass fireplace bellows are popular because the brass gives the bellows a sense of wealth and prosperity. A simple hand painted design will give the fireplace bellows a homier feel that will fill the home with warmth and simplicity. Even plain wood fireplace bellows are a boon to the décor of any home as they bring out the simplicity of the fireplace area.


No matter what fireplace bellows you choose, it will be an addition to your home that will not only add to the beauty of your interior, but it will also give you a conversation piece to discuss with friends and family. The collecting of fireplace bellows has also begun to take on and you and your family can choose a myriad of shapes, decorations, and styles for your collection to begin.


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The use of fireplace bellows has been around for a long time.  A fireplace bellows works by drawing air through a whole in the bottom and forcing it through a nozzle by pressing down on either side and having leather pieces push air out.  People use fireplace bellows to get a fire going instead of using their mouth to blow the embers to start the fire.  Small bellows can work but large bellows are usually used to help get a fire going because they have a more volume of air.  Besides starting fires fireplace bellows can have more uses than just starting fires. You can buy a fireplace bellows that are aesthetically pleasing to your household decor and at the same time can be useful when starting a fire on a cold day.  

Fireplace bellows can even be personalized to accent a coat of arms for a family or an initial for a individual person.  Most fireplace bellows are made of wood and are decorated with either brass or metal ornaments.  They can come with the most simple of designs and still accent your furnishing and decorations, but if you are a more elaborate person, fireplace bellows can be adorned with brass, hand-painted, or even carved wood.  Fireplace bellows are great warming presents for people who enjoy a nice fire or the idea of having fireplace accessories around the house. You can find fireplace bellows online in many venues that can offer you new fireplace bellows or ones that have been used or are considered antiques.