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Twilight Brings New Interest In Vampire Jewelry

Posted on: April 5, 2009

With the recent release of the movie “Twilight,” the continuing fascination with the world of vampires is reaching a new record in hype and media coverage. Vampires, an age old legend, has ingrained itself in American culture after the Brams Stoker novel, Dracula. Since then there has been hundreds of books and a score of movies made about these creatures of the night.


People now fantasize about being vampires creating vampire clubs, having vampire parties, and even dressing up like these mystical denizens of the night. Vampire jewelry has become popular especially after the move, “Interview with a Vampire.” These vampire jewelry pieces are Victorian in nature and have a dark twist of the macabre. If you are interested in Vampire jewelry pieces or other souveniours of vampire lore, check out

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