Dkrainwater’s Weblog Offers New Tear Stain Supplement for Dogs

Posted on: February 23, 2009

For more information click picture

For more information click picture

Angels’ Glow will eliminate unsightly tear stains from within. Other products that are topical require high maintenance and will only remove the stains temporarily causing them to come back many times worse than before. Just sprinkle Angels’ Glow daily on regular food. After 3 months, reduce to 4 times a week. After 6 months, reduce further to twice a week.  Puppies (up to 3 months): 1/8 tsp. daily  Dogs 8 to 12 lbs: 3/4 tsp. daily  Dogs 2 to 5 lbs: 1/4 tsp. daily  Dogs 12 lbs & up: 1 tsp. daily  Dogs 5 to 8 lbs: 1/2 tsp. daily Each 30 gr. bottle contains approximately 108 dosages of 1/8 of a tsp, 54 dosages of ¼ of a tsp, 27 dosages of ½ a tsp., 18 dosages of ¾ tsp, or 13.5 dosages of 1 tsp. Each 120 gr. bottle has approximately 432 dosages of 1/8 of a tsp, 216 dosages of ¼ of a tsp, 108 dosages of ½ a tsp, 72 dosages of ¾ tsp, or 54 dosages of 1 tsp. As you keep trimming the stained areas, the newly grown coat will be totally clear. The growth pattern of your dog’s coat will determine if it will be completely tear stains free anywhere from 15 to 40 days. Angels’ Glow is very palatable but in rare cases, dogs and cats may resent changes in their food and will not eat enough. If this happens, we suggest reducing the daily dosage to 1/16 of a teaspoon or even a tiny pinch. You can add Angels Glow to a small portion of Nutri-Cal, cottage cheese, Gerber Baby Food Stage 2 (any meat flavor), cooked ground beef or chicken, or your dogs favorite treat. Give it once a day as a separate snack. Slightly increase the dosage every few days until you reach the prescribed amount according to your dogs weight. Angels’ Glow is safe during pregnancy and for puppies over 6 weeks old.

2 Responses to " Offers New Tear Stain Supplement for Dogs"

Is this one of those products that uses the antibiotic tylosin? I don’t want to use drugs. Do you sell any natural tear stain removers such as ANGELS DELIGHT from Bichon Hotel. I like that one because it is natural and full of goodness.



Phillis, please check my webpage and look under the link supplements. You should find what you want there.

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