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New Book Addresses The Medical Industries Failures and Promotes Alternative Medicine

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Click image to view amazon site.

Click image to view amazon site.

Don and Kellie Rainwater, along with  Colette Dumont, have written a book that lets the reader understand how the medical community is spending more time looking for the cure of diseases than helping treat the symptoms associated with that disease.

This is a new look of how we can treat the syptoms ourselves and elivate some of the pain, suffering, and stress associated with our ailments. The book explains music therapy, faith healing, art therapy, support groups and alternative medicines.

The book is easy to read and is written to reach the audience of the patient and not the doctor. The mind and body work together so if you have control over the mind, the body is half way there.

You can find this new book by following the  link  here.

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