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There are many different styles of U.S. Navy Seals wallpaper for one’s computer available through various online websites including the official US Navy Seals website.


U.S. Navy Seals wallpaper could consist of a photograph of several U.S. Navy Seals dropping from a helicopter into the water or emerging from the waters in order to begin a mission.  Wallpaper for a computer could also be the official US Navy Seals emblem or a U.S. Navy Seals obstacle course or graduation ceremony.


U.S. Navy Seals perform top-secret missions therefore US Navy Seals wallpaper could only encompass certain photographs of Navy Seals in action.


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There are various US Navy ranks a person considering a career in the Navy could go through.  Gold stripes are used on the uniform for 12 years of service or more.  Two silver stripes means a Seaman apprentice; three white stripes are for a Seaman; then there is the Petty Officer Third Class, Petty Officer Second Class and Petty Officer First Class.  After that comes the Chief Petty Officer, Senior Chief Petty Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer and a Fleet/Command Master Chief Petty Officer.  The highest U.S. Navy rank a Navy officer could achieve is Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy.


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Little is known about U.S. Navy uniforms compared to other military uniforms.  Some might even say they are mythical because most people think they are older than what they really are.


Most controversy surrounding the U.S. Navy uniforms comes from the enlisted men’s bell bottomed trousers which used to contain eleven buttons on the flap and then were redesigned sometime in the 1990s and added two more buttons for account of 13 total buttons to represent the original 13 colonies.  Many of the recruiters were never told of the original eleven button bellbottoms and only told the story of the 13 buttons that represents the original colonies.


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The first unit or team of US Navy Seals was organized in 1962.  US Navy Seals are collectively disciplined, individually reliable and highly skilled men and women of the Armed Forces.  US Navy Seals go through the toughest training imaginable by any military standards.  Navy Seals must be physically fit, mentally competent, highly motivated and combat ready at all times.


US Navy Seals make up less than one percent of the total US Navy personnel however their contribution to any conflict is greater than their sum total.  The difference between a U.S. Navy Seal and other military personnel is that they strike from and then return to the sea.


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U.S. Navy aircraft carriers provide a variety of achievable responses for the National Command Authority.  Whenever there is a crisis such as a war or other type of conflict, the first defense to be deployed are the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.  Aircraft carriers operate and support various aircraft that engage in attacks on other aircrafts, ships at sea in ground troops that threaten free usage of waters, additionally they engage in support of other forces.


There are nine operational U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and one under construction as of today.  The largest warships in the world are called Nimitz-class carriers; the next generations of aircraft carriers are called the Gerald R. Ford Class which began construction in 2007 and should be completed by 2015 and will also replace the USS enterprise.


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The U.S. Navy ships are usually named for admirals and generals and range from submarines to destroyers to battleships, barges and cargo ships and carriers or transporters dating back to the mid-1800s.


Some U.S. Navy ships have peculiar names such as Aphrodite, Arabia, Jupiter, Juanita, Marblehead, Me-Too, Quincy, Utowana, Uniontown, Wanderer, Weepoose, Xarifa, Yarnall, Zigzag and Zenda.


Some of the earlier U.S. Navy ships were commandeered from individuals and placed under the command of the Navy for service in the first war.  The Zenda was a small 48 foot motor pleasure boat built in 1912 and was deployed on section patrol duties in eastern New England beginning May 1917 until the end of the war.  She was returned to her original owner at the end of January of 1919.


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Since the economy has turned into a downward spiral many young people have thought about joining the U.S. Navy out of high school and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement in a naval career.  A person who joins the U.S. Navy could become a lifetime career officer, a medical technician, computer technician, an electrician, a mechanic or mechanical engineer or a top-secret Navy Seal, there are hundreds of careers awaiting someone who joins the U.S. Navy.


In addition to preparing someone for a career outside of the U.S. Navy, the Navy will pay for college through a G.I. Bill in addition to providing experience that will last someone at lifetime.


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