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New Bellows Added To Collection

Posted on: January 19, 2009

This is an antique fireplace bellows from England. I have had these for many years having inherited them from an aunt and uncle. I believe they are made of oak with black leather and brass nail trim. The base is heavy brass and they weigh over 2 pounds. They are decorated with the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom. The seal is painted and decorated with gold leaf. HONI SOIT MAL Y PENSE, which is the motto of the English Order of the Garter is in the center of the coat of arms. and at the bottom is DIEU ET MON DROIT, the motto of the British Monarchy. The bellows measure 19 x 8 inches. The wood, seal and brass are in wonderful condition, the leather does show wear appropriate to their age. There use to be two leather hangers on the back, but they are in broken and in worn condition. A beautiful old bellows that would lend instant credibility to your fireplace! Perfect for the English pub look…a beautiful antique for your den! If you are interested I also have listed a set of fireplace tools.

For great fireplace bellows at great prices. Please visit


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