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Defining Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Posted on: January 13, 2009

Dogs, like people in their golden years, present a problem when trying to diagnose their problems and their ailments. Not only do these older dogs have health problems, sore joints, and digestive ailments, but they also have several mental problems that affect memory, motor skills, and behavior. No veterinarian can point out exactly what is normal for a dog with advanced years because there is a very narrow line between the two.


Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is a geriatric condition that usually causes gradual behavior changes. These changes not only affect behavior, but also can affect other physical aspects of the dog. Symptoms that are associated with canine cognitive dysfunction can be listed as a breakdown in house training, separation anxiety, night time walking and pacing, and excessive barking. The older dog may also develop new fears of water, loud noise, strangers, or other things that they never were afraid of before.


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