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Bagging Your Child’s Lunch Can Save You Tons

Posted on: January 13, 2009

Bag your child’s lunch instead of purchasing school lunches from the school cafeteria. This is a good way to ensure your child is getting the nutrition you want them to have as well as helping you to save money. Be careful that you are not putting too much food in the lunch trying to appease them because this will defeat your purpose for sending your child to school with a home made lunch. Ask your child to be a part of the process in determining what goes in their lunch and that way they will more likely be in favor of the switch. Let them know that as finances get better, you will allow them better choices and a possible school lunch now and then. Give them a list of things to choose from in the process. No one likes to have something thrust upon them out of the blue. Let them know, the reasoning behind your food decisions and in the meantime you are teaching them how to make smart decisions for themselves.


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