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USMC Beirut Lebanon Veterans

Posted on: December 20, 2008

This insert is to find out if there are any United States Marine Corp Beirut veterans out there that served with 3/8, 2nd Mar Div. The purpose is to find old friends or other Marines that served in Beirut and not only correspond and see where we are in our lives today, but also put together a scrap book or our memories, pictures, and stories.

I am currently working on a project that is collecting these things to provide the world a synoposis of our journey. There is very little out  ther on our USMC experiences in Lebanon and Iwant to add to that base of knowledge. Unlike other collections that focus on the negative side of Beirut such as the bombings, I want to promote the good things about the experience. Funny stories, pics, and other positive things that we experienced.

So if you were apart of the Marines in that unit or time period, comment to this blog with contact information and lets keep the memories of Beirut alive for future generations.


1 Response to "USMC Beirut Lebanon Veterans"

We have many GREAT pics from our time over there including the recent 25th at “OUR” wall in N.C. National USMC Musuem just opened a dedication too “US” on Oct 18th. I spent 3 days with Jeff Nashton in DC in HONOR of OUR FALLEN including Ceremony in Arlington.

“Beirut Veterans of America”

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