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How Herbs Are Used For Sexual Stimulation

Posted on: December 1, 2008

One of the most commercialized uses for herbs and nature cures is in the world of sex. Cultures around the world have been fascinated with increasing their sexual abilities and arousal. Herbs are beginning to emerge again as a way to help people with sexual dysfunctions and for the increase of individual sexual pleasure. The traditional use of sexual enhancing herbs was in their natural form, but with today’s commercial market, the herbs have been marketed in pill form, ointments, and as tinctures. It is big business and big demand in not only U.S. markets, but markets around the world.


The chemical components of herbs work differently with each herb and with each body system. Most herbs increase or stimulate the function of the neural system. Sexual response has a direct correlation to neural response and the herbs naturally stimulate that system. The working principles of the chemical components in these herbs are of several kinds, and the ingredients make their effects at different places in the human body. Other different types of herbs will stimulate blood circulation. The commercials you see about male enhancement is simply herbs that stimulate the blood circulation increasing the size of the sexual organ because it is engorged with blood. With this type of herbal stimulation, the senses are heightened and even if the organ in not engorged, the feeling during sexual stimulation usually is more pleasant.

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1 Response to "How Herbs Are Used For Sexual Stimulation"

Good info! Herbs are much safer than many of the drugs prescribed for sexual dysfunction.

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