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Do Your Research Before Buying a Jack Russell Terrier

Posted on: November 29, 2008

If you ever have had the pleasure of raising a Jack Russell terrier, you may know that they are unlike any other breed of canine. The Jack Russell terrier is tenacious and has an appetitive to rule your household no matter how dominant an owner you think you are. With a Napoleonic complex, this little dog can take over a home and most of the time will train the owners to its whim.


If you are thinking about getting a Jack Russell for yourself or a gift for something, make sure you get a training manual. Even if you think you know how to train a dog, the Jack Russell will make mince meat out of your methods in no time. No breed can make an owner feel guilty or make them feel apologetic as the cute little face of a Jack.


Before you get a Jack Russell, look into the personality of the breed closely and make sure it fits your life style. A Jack is high energy and needs that kind of person to make a connection with. Don’t buy a Jack Russell and then find out that the breed is not right for you. There are many Jack Russell Terrier rescues out there that are full of Jack’s because someone did not do their homework.

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