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New Site Offers Fireplace Bellows From Private Collection

Posted on: November 26, 2008

Collecting fireplace bellows has become a passion for me. Scary huh? Or maybe weird. I started buying and selling them on ebay and it became an obession. Anyway, this blog is to announce a new website that I started selling fireplace bellows from my private collection. I have hundreds and I am going to offer a few of my unusual fireplace bellows on the site

The sites address is and is pretty primitve to start with. I will also be selling used books, other types of antiques, and odds and ends that I come up with. The unique thing about this site is that I sell all my fireplace bellows for only 25$. I have forgotten what I bought them for, some lower, some higher. So you might find a good deal on that perfect fireplace bellows for your mantal. Thanks for reading and please visit my site if not to buy, then just to browse.

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