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The Connection Between Mind, Body, and Spirit

Posted on: November 25, 2008

The connection between the mind, body, and spirit is becoming clearer to more health professionals. Some are recognizes what prayer, meditation, attending worship services, and personal faith can do to improve a person’s health. Greg Anderson is one person that sees the connection between faith and health. He had been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and his doctor said he had thirty days back in 1984 in December. His lung cancer had dispersed throughout his lymphatic system. It was his faith that got him through and he survived cancer.


He is the CEO and founder of the Cancer Recovery Foundation of America and Linda Anderson is co-founder. Rev. Michael Gingerich is the director of program services. It is a non-profit organization that helps people survive cancer. Many in cancer education now use the cancer survival pyramid, but the Cancer Recovery Foundation first promoted it. Their pyramid has spiritual at its base, next attitude and support, they are side by side, next comes nutrition/exercise, and topping the pyramid is medical. The foundation has been encouraging and helping cancer patients since 1985. They help people see that there is a mind, body, and spirit connection to health. For twenty years Anderson has studied and taught about combining the spiritual, scientific, nutritional, and psychological aspects of healing. They have over 300 treatment centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe and an outreach to Uganda and Ukraine. The Cancer Conqueror with Bible Study is part of their program, but so is regular medical treatment.


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I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

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