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Research in the Beliefs of Medical Doctors

Posted on: November 25, 2008

The research points out that people going for psychiatric treatment would have more difficulty when seeking a psychiatrist that had their religious affiliation when the prospective client is Christian. This survey conducted in 2003 questioned 1,144 doctors in the United States of which 100 of the doctors were psychiatrists. The study concluded that more family practice doctors held religious beliefs and that psychiatrists were the least likely of doctors to believe in life after death.


In this study 17% of the psychiatrists stated their religion as none, while the doctors were 10%. Of those with religious affiliation the doctors were protestant 39% and Catholic 22%. Of the psychiatrists, 27% claimed the protestant denomination and 10% of Catholic persuasion. The Jewish doctors were 13% of the group and of the psychiatrist 29% were Jewish.


The survey found that doctors with strong faith in God were more prone to send patients that needed counseling to pastors, priests, rabbis, or a counselor that was religious. Protestant doctors were the least likely to send a patient to a mental health doctor or counselor. Dr Michael Torres explains that throughout the history of psychiatry there has been a rebuffing of religion and spirituality, but he thinks that this long-standing situation is changing; he is part of the committee on religion and spirituality in psychiatry of the American Psychiatric Association.


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