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Posted on: November 24, 2008

When we look at the mind and medicine faith enters the equation. It may be faith in the mind as in mind over matter or faith in a higher power. In the latter case, the person with the faith uses it to communicate with God. In 2005, 1000 people were selected at random to answer a telephone survey about end-of-life medical care. Medical professionals (774) answered the survey by mail. The majority of the questions concerned death by violence or accidents. Over half of the non-medical respondents stated that God could perform a miracle in these medical situations in which doctors said death was certain. Twenty percent of medical respondents agreed that God could save someone in a hopeless condition.


Even when doctors don’t have any faith in God to save a trauma victim that he or she sees as medically not treatable, the researchers concluded that they should to be tactful and sympathetic to the family’s religious views. The statistics of the survey are of interest. Families that believe that a miracle might occur have a twenty percent chance of getting a doctor or other medical professional that shares their views. It seems that most of the medical community is out of step with the majority of the public’s beliefs. The survey was published in the Archives of Surgery, which is a professional medical journal that the AMA publishes.


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