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The Benefits of Foot Massage

Posted on: November 21, 2008

Beside reflexology there are other techniques of foot massage. Massage cream or lotion can be bought at a health food store on the Internet or at a massage supply store. Soaking the feet in some Epsom salt before hand will help lessen stress before starting the massage. Dry the feet after a soak of about ten minutes.  Apply the cream to the whole foot with easy strokes moving from the toes upward.


After soaking rub the foot to warm it up; this increases the blood flow to the foot. Hold the foot with one hand and pull back down the foot with the other with a little pressure. You can also gently rub your hand back and forth across the foot. After the warm up, move your thumbs up and back down the foot applying some pressure and you can also run the thumb up the sides of the foot. Then deepen the strokes and massage between the tendons on the top of the foot. The stroke should be long and smooth.


Kneading with you fist is a good way to massage the soles of the feet. Hold the foot with one hand and run your knuckles up and down the sole of the foot applying some pressure. Check to see if it is enough or too much by asking. You can also press your fist against the sole and move up one step a time or while holding the foot run the fist down the sole.


Squeezing the foot as you move from spot to spot with both hands is called cupping. Another movement it to use ample cream and move your hands around the foot, but each hand moves opposite the other. Rotating the toes is another part of the massage. Do it gently. You can finish by using circular movements with one over and around the foot.

Scalp massage soothes headaches and is relaxing. It stimulates blood flow to the scalp; this is good for hair follicles. To massage the scalp start are the hairline and massage inward. Massage in little circles. You can move from the front of your to the back and vise versa and stop and massage more when you feel sore spots. These can be due to tension or sinus problems. Also, massaging the ears relieves tension.

Another part of massaging the scalp is to use circular movements and tap the scalp from the base of the neck to the crown and reverse massaging back to the base of the hairline. Very easy chopping movements can be done from side to side. You can also pull your fingers through the hair applying a little pressure to the scalp.


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You can always make your own foot creams and foot scrubs. They’re just as effective as the ones you can buy in a store. Thanks for the info!

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