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Reflexology, Rolfing,Shiatsu, and Hot Stone Massage

Posted on: November 21, 2008

Reflexology is a kind of foot massage. Places on the foot’s sole correspond to another part of the body, specifically an internal organ, according to the philosophy of reflexology. It is thought that a nerve ending on the foot’s sole is associated with the ailment in the organ. The sore spots of the foot’s sole reflect the illness. The foot massage loosens the tight muscles and improves circulation.


The Rolfing method was created by American biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1930’s. She theorized that if a part of the body is not in balance it affects other parts and all of the body suffers for it. The way the body tries to compensate for the weak spot hurts the entire body. Rolf’s method massages the myofascial tissue during ten massage appointments. Each succeeding session builds on the preceding one. This method of massage is associated with deep tissue massage.


Shiatsu is an acupressure type of massage. It is an old Japanese technique and the name means finger pressure. Rhythmic pressure is used on exact points on the meridians of the body. The fingers, hands, elbows, knees, and feet are utilized to apply the pressure. Range-of-motion exercises are used and stretches are applied gently.


Hot Stone Massage is a method in which heated stones are applied to the body in a gentle manner. It is a good choice for someone that needs tension released, but likes a lighter massage. The stones are smooth and flat. They are normally basalt because the iron in it holds heat. The stones are put in water and heated with a specific heating tool. The massage therapist puts the heated stones on specific areas of the back, between the toes, and onto the palms of the client’s ands. The warmth of the stones relaxes the muscles and more pressure can be applied if the client wants additional pressure.  People get hot stones massages to relieve tension, increase circulation, stop back pain, make them sleep better, and to lessen depression.


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