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A Comparison of Massage Techniques

Posted on: November 21, 2008

Deep tissue massage is focused on the muscle fibers in particular. It utilizes compression and friction moving along the muscles’ grain. It loosens the muscles’ fibers, relieves tension, and removes toxins.

Myotherapy is a modality the Bonnie Prudden invented in 1976. It works on trigger points in the body; they are knotted muscles that are associated with pain in other parts of the body. This knotting of a muscle is called hyper contracted. Emotional and physical stress causes a trigger point that causes muscle spasms.  Trigger Point therapy is supposed to be done with accompanying massage such as Swedish massage.


Sports Massage is a specialized kind of massage aimed at aesthetes; the purpose is to decrease fatigue, prevent injuries, reduce swelling, and reduce muscle tension. It isn’t exactly a modality because it utilizes different kinds of massage, though it is a specialization in massage. The massage therapist performing sports massage may use Swedish, cross-fiber friction, and pressure point. Pressure point or trigger point loosens knotty muscles also called adhesions.


Neuromuscular Therapy was by invented by Paul St. John. Its purpose is to relieve pain and treat specific problems. The therapist first makes a postural assessment. This process identifies imbalances in posture and structure. During massage certain areas of the body that were accessed as problem sites are manipulated. NTM releases tension, lengthens and makes tissue stronger and alleviates pain.


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