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Native Americans and How Herbs Were Apart of Their Lives

Posted on: November 19, 2008

Native Americans also aligned the herbs shape with how they used or tried to use it as a medicine. The herb ginseng grows in the shape of male genitalia. The shape put the idea in the native’s mind that ginseng was good as an aphrodisiac and promoted sexual power. Besides that color and the shape of the herb, the advice of the medicine man was also a good indicator of how that herb was to be used. Sometimes the medicine man would say that they were given the information in a dream and the gods told them what the herb was and how to use it. Other methods of determining the properties of herbs were the observance of animals indulging in certain herbs when there was a visible affliction or disease.


There has been over twenty thousand herbs and plants used by the Native Americans to ward off sickness, disease, or injury. To these indigenous people, the medicine derived from these herbs did not appear to them as medication. It was apart of tribal life that was accepted as was food, shelter, and clothing. The herbs of the Native Americans were intertwined with not only their daily living but also with their religion, their health, and their livelihood.


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