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Native Remedies are Sometimes Better Than Conventional Medicine

Posted on: November 18, 2008

Native remedies are sometimes considered non-conventional medicine because the therapy is not recognized by the medical community. Though one should use native remedies with caution, several of these types of drugs and treatments have been found to have helped a great number of people. Medicine and treatments used by traditional, indigenous peoples have had to have some good medicinal properties or the users of this medicine would have stopped its practice. The medical art of these types of treatments is coming back into use with the resurgence of the ‘simple disease, simple treatment’ type mentality that has sprung up with the non-conventional medicine movement.

            Until recently, most Americans had an undying belief that only surgery, chemicals, and prescription drugs could ease the weight of illness, disease, and injury. With the health care system of America collapsing as people refuse and cannot pay skyrocketing prices, the idea of native remedies have resurfaced in the psyche of American citizens. People are looking at their roots to find different cures, medications, and treatment. Maybe your grandmother did not get it wrong when she put tobacco on a bee sting or put garlic around your neck for a stuffy nose. Traditional, natural remedies were the only thing that most people had before the turn of the 20th century. The methods were passed down through the generations until conventional medicine wiped out most thought of treating oneself with time proven methods.





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