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Native Remedies and Herbs Used in Modern Medicines

Posted on: November 18, 2008

With more than half the population of the United States opting for alternative medicine since the 1950s we are starting to see doctors and scientists integrating alternative and natural, native remedies into their practice. Even the Journal for the American Medical Association devoted an entire issue to the idea of alternative medicine in 1998. What they wrote about and what people are finding out about is the wonderful use of herbs in native remedies medicine. Native Americans have been using herbs in medicine for thousands of years, even beyond recorded history. We really don’t know when and how until the natives had their first contact with Europeans in the 1600s.

            Though no official record exists of the first use of herbs or the indoctrination of herbs by the Europeans, there is record as settlers moved into the continent and moved across the plains that the Native American tribes taught them about herbal medicine and how to heal themselves when they became ill or were injured. Not only were the medicines and herbs beneficial, it is supposed that over two hundred of our conventional prescription medicines were derived from the herbs that were used by the natives. Read the label and you will find the synthetic or natural herbal ingredients account for a large portion of the aspirins, pain relievers, and sleep medicines we use every day.





1 Response to "Native Remedies and Herbs Used in Modern Medicines"

I believe there are many modern conventional medicines that facilitate natural herbs and plant sources for health and healing. Foxglove has been used as in anti-hypertension meds, from what I understand. Thanks for sharing — 🙂

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