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Paraclock Time Clock Software: Save Time and Money

Posted on: November 5, 2008

Every company needs to run as smoothly as it can. But manufacturers, distributors, and field service companies have special elements in their business operations. Paraclock time clock software is a vigorous off-the-shelf system. Get rid of the burdensome timekeeping and attendance systems. Overtime coast can be decreased, clerical errors lessened, monotonous time clock tasks can be eliminated.


Paraclock time clock software can save the company hundreds of dollars each payday. Increase the accuracy of billing by knowing the exact time spent on projects, tasks, and jobs. Instantly know if an employee is late or not there. This doesn’t require costly training or equipment.


Are labor costs bogging your bottom line? If so, paragon time clock software is the answer to help your company save money. You can request a demo to get a picture of what it can do for your company. There is an option to try it free for thirty days. That way, the difference it can make will be before your eyes making you smile. Automating these tasks is the path to saving a lot of money.


Have Paraclock time clock software customized to your companies’ exact needs and the efficiency is going to shoot up even higher. Almost any job or task can be tracked for time spent and the software makes a report. It can be setup for authorized personnel only. This limited access will keep your information safe.


Paraclock time clock software is really easy to use. It runs on the company’s local area network. It is easy for your staff to access. Thee are no extra cost for this access. They punch in or out after they put in their I.D. The help menu is complete. It explains in easy to understand terms how to use it. If you need help we offer economical support. The support people are friendly and knowledgeable.


Just think if it. The whole payroll can be processed without any manual input at all. The employee punches in and the Paraclock time clock software does the rest. It is a money saver, time safer, and very convenient. If it is integrated with the Parapay Payroll software it will calculate and print out the payroll checks. The Paraclock time clock software links to the information on jobs, employees, customers and integrates with the accounting software to get the payroll checks out.


This is the software to change the way you keep track of what your employees are doing, when they arrive, when they leave, how fast tasks are being done. It is a work and money lifesaver. This is the definite way to modernize your time clock and your payroll system if you desire. There are many improvements to your business that require money and this software will help you save the money. Then it can be applied to other needs in your company.


Give yourself a break by trying the demo—try it for thirty days and see how it can improve your efficiency and your bottom line.


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