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Psychothearpy, Conversation, and Behavior Change

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Conversation is the medium for most forms of psychotherapy, though others use other forms of communication that can be translated through art, dance, or music. No matter what the venue, psychotherapy is a structured encounter between the patient and a trained therapist. The therapy as it is known today has a regiment of responses from non-specific or detailed manifestations of a personality behavior or emotional crisis. Psychotherapy does not deal with everyday problems as do traditional counseling and sometimes the word counseling is used wrongly when referring to psychotherapy. Remember the psychotherapy does not address the illness or the cure and do not relate to the medical or body side of the crisis. The personal understanding by the therapist toward specific deep problems is undertaken more.


There are many systems that are attached to the science of psychotherapy. The first is psychoanalysis. Here it a system that encourages the verbalization of exactly what the person is thinking when given a prompt. These types of interventions can include dreams, fantasies, or even free associations. Here, after the verbalization, the analyst will try to interpret the even and see if the patient has an unconscious conflict and if that conflict manifests itself into sub-conscious actions that are perceived as negative. All people have dreams and fantasies, but the person that has subdued those fantasies where they are rooted at some darker or forgotten reality, needs to verbalize these so that the root of the problem can be explained.

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