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Different Psychotherapy Models

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Out of the behaviorism and the psychoanalysis movement, humanism arrived. This is known in some circles at the third force in psychological development. This method focuses on the human context and the individual emphasis on subjective meaning and the refection of determinism.  This method also focuses on positive growth of the individual and not the pathology. In this type of psychotherapy the relational environment has a tendency to flourish and the maximized of potential should be allowed to grow. If the self potential can be detailed, then brief therapy could be utilized. Brief therapy focuses on just a specific problem, not the entire human problem of mind and body. This method takes on direct intervention that changes the situation. The therapist practicing this method worries about the problem, not why the problem arose.


Two other methods of psychotherapy is systemic and transpersonal therapy. Systemic therapy focuses on the people in relationships and people that interact in groups. This could be couples therapy, sibling therapy, parent/child therapy, or even a group of individuals that work together. The systemic approach looks for dynamics and patterns within the text and then finds strategies to work out the negative patterns. The transpersonal model looks at the client and addresses their needs in the context of the spiritual understanding of consciousness. This method is more metaphysical and the client needs to have knowledge of the spiritual side of their psyche.


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