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Cognitive Behavior, Psychodynamic, and Existential Methods of Psychotherapy

Posted on: November 3, 2008

The cognitive behavioral model uses several different methods to identify and then change the patient’s beliefs and reactions. Once negative emotions are identified, the psychotherapist will work on strategies to alleviate the negative behavior or emotions with the patient and give them alternatives to the normal reactions that occur. This can cover some very destructive emotions that chase loved ones away or could cause a riff in behavioral or social relationships. People that exhibit this behavior sometimes do not have the resources in their tool box to handle with adverse situations. To find these negative emotions is sometimes a dramatic and painful experience. Once  the patient realizes the triggers to these emotions, they can avoid  the triggers and use the tools to thwart the negative feelings or actions.


The psychodynamic method is sometimes called depth psychology. Here the clinician tries to find what is causing the psychic tension of the patient by looking for and revealing the unconscious content of its roots. This also can be aligned with the existential method. Here this method focuses on the belief that all humans are alone in the world and that feeling of being isolated creates an aura of meaninglessness that transends to a state that a person creates their own value and meanings. Whether conscious or sub-conscious, the manifestations of negative aspects, whether physically or emotionally, can be subdued once they are recognized.

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