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Touch Healing and the Catalyst of Faith

Posted on: November 2, 2008

Through medical artifacts, touch healing has been around for over 20,000 years. Modern medicine sees a disease is a entity that usually comes from an external causation. Conventional medicine looks a removing the cause without looking at the effects of the cause or the reason for the cause itself. One basic assumption of touch healing is that you are using something invisible, something that cannot be explained by science. The transference if more spiritual, it can be seen as visions, dreams, and prayers which are evidence of mind and body relationships. It exists, but modern medicine is just now realizing that it does and does not want to recognize it.


Touch healing has also been aligned with faith healing or energy healers. The belief that a supernatural being has used the touch healer as a medium in which to drive the healing energy into the ailing body is very popular. Instead of the supernatural deity, the healer uses persuasion and faith as a catalyst between patient and healer.  The healer and the patient have to achieve a state of awareness that is perceived by both of them that the therapy is working and through the touch method, the patient will be healed. The belief is the connection between the workings of the mind and the healing of the body.




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