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Setting Up Your Home So That the Senior Dog is More Comfortable

Posted on: November 2, 2008

When your beloved pet gets older it needs a more comfortable living arrangement. The first thing you may notice is that his muzzle is graying. Your dog doesn’t have as much energy as he used to and his bones are starting to creak. His teeth may have problems too unless he has had regular oral care. Larger breeds age faster than smaller breeds. There are large breeds that are old at five years. There are things you can do to help your senior dog live a happier life. But have your veterinarian examine your dog because the signs you’re noticing may not be age related.

Now you can make your dog’s living quarters easier for him to deal with. You can do things around the house like having fresh water available in different rooms so he doesn’t have to walk as far and avoid having things he would want upstairs. You can avoid injury to your senior dog in the house by using rubber backed mats or rugs that will help keep him from sliding or falling on slick tile or waxed wooden floors. Placing cushy bedding in several areas of the house and especially downstairs, so he won’t try to climb the stairs to your bedroom is a good idea. Climbing stairs for a senior dog can aggravate his arthritic condition and he may hurt himself in the attempt.

If your dog has always been allowed on the furniture like your bed or the couch then a pet ramp of doggie sets will aid him in climbing onto your bed or couch. If he is having a hard time getting into your car folding or telescoping ramps are very useful and are sold in pet stores. You can reduce your large dog’s neck and back with elevated feeders. This may be the best thing for him if he is arthritic. If he also has missing teeth or other oral problems then feeding him softer food and adding some water and mashing up his food can aid him in eating. It will also help his digestion.

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog letter and has written many articles and books about aging dogs and the grief one suffers as a pet ages and dies. To learn more about senior canines go to for senior dog products, books, beds, supplements and more.


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