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Senior Dogs – Forgetting Commands and Becoming Nippy

Posted on: November 2, 2008

You may notice that Fluffy doesn’t respond to your voice commands like she used to do. This could be a signal that she’s losing her hearing. In this case you may need to use more hand signals to get her to understand what you want her to do and everyone in your house hold should start stomping when they are coming near her and she is sleeping. She’ll be able to hear people approaching and won’t be startled. That could save someone from being nipped. Also, she could become blind. If this happens, definitely don’t rearrange the furniture and for rooms she normally goes in leave them open or she’ll walk into them.

All of these measures may seem like a lot of trouble, but not more trouble than your canine friend is worth. Just as you’ve always cared for her health and happiness, you’ll need to take special care in her twilight years. Memories of Fluffy when she was more active, playful and responsive to you are treasures you won’t forget.

Though her memory is waning she is still your beloved pet. When she can recognize you and other people she has loved she’ll be delighted. When she can remember the house rules she’ll feel better about herself. There’ll be times though when she forgets the rules … have patience. If you get upset, they will know and it will stress out your dog. Remember and old dog is like an old human and needs respect and patience. You wouldn’t treat your grandfather with disrespect, your dog deserves the same.

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog letter and has written many articles and books about aging dogs and the grief one suffers as a pet ages and dies. To learn more about senior canines go to for senior dog products, books, beds, supplements and more..

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