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Secular and Religeous Beliefs About Touch Healing

Posted on: November 2, 2008

The idea that sickness was a sickness of the soul has traveled through the millenniums and still has a firm hold in the belief systems of much of the world. The idea that the interrelationships and communication of a person trained in touch healing has not only been a standard for Christian precepts but has even been entertained and embraced in the secular world. The idea of a soul may not ascend to secular thinker, but the idea that there is a mind and body connection allows touch healing to provide dramatic success no matter if it is evangelical minister or a simple practitioner that is working out of an office or home.


Faith healing or touch healings have been the echo of many revival tents across the nations since the beginnings of the 19th century. The fervor of a tent full of people reaching their religious heights give the patient a heightened since of community and through that empowerment their faith works within their mind, and in many cases, the mind will heal the body. The secular believer will instill the ideas of psychology and psychotherapy. No matter what it is considered, it is viable force in the healing process and needs to be embraced by conventional medicine therapy. .  


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