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A Brief History of Laying on the Hands

Posted on: November 2, 2008

They have to realize that the idea of touch healing or laying on the hands has been apart of human history since pre-historic times. Early man used the touch of the shaman or priestess in their clan to cleanse them from evil spirits which where basic ailments of the mind and body. Religious icons such as Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad, used the laying on the hands to transfer the spiritual energy to the sick and those who believed in that energy where healed or at least felt that they were healed. The faith of the patient and the mind that held that faith, overrode the mental barriers for change and health.


The touching of a higher power even transcends to man where the Kings and Queens of Europe touched their subjects to give them their blessings and their prayers. There was reported pregnancies, healings, and even resurrection in one case when a royal entity touched their subjects giving them the faith that that royal person was ordained by God to serve the post as leader of the kingdom or country. Today touch therapy may have a non-conventional medicine name and understanding, but the faith of two thousand years and more has been the true milestone in which the practice should be measured.


For more informaiton check out Here you will find more info on non-conventional medicine, supplements, vitamins, and other things that are good for the mind and body.


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