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Leaving Your Senior Dog at a Pet Sitter

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Many times when a pet owner reads that the pet sitter is licensed, bonded, and insured they think the sitter is licensed after taking a course in pet sitting. Though there isn’t any professional licensing for pet sitters, she may have a regular business. Alternatively, many pet sitters take courses in first aid, dog training, and business courses that prepare them to be a better dog sitter. There are also private companies that offer pet sitting courses and your potential pet sitter may have taken such a course. But these are just helpful course for your pet sitter and legal requirements for running a pet sitting business.

When you go on that trip, following these measures beforehand to insure the comfort and safety of your and that your pet likes the sitter will be reassuring for you while you’re away from him. Having someone take care of him that he likes will reduce his anxiety while you’re away, whereas, leaving him at kennel or the vet’s office, though he may be familiar with the people won’t be like him staying in his own home where he feels the safest.

Remember that senior dogs are more prone to anxiety attacks caused by separation from their owner and friend that they trust, than younger dogs. They trust you to take care of them and without that trust; your dog will become very upset. If there is more than one dog in your family, keep them in the same kennel run and do not separate them. They will help each other get over the anxiety of being left.

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog letter and has written many articles and books about aging dogs and the grief one suffers as a pet ages and dies. To learn more about senior canines go to for senior dog products, books, beds, supplements and more.

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Great information. Do you have any information about senior dog first aid?

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