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A Senior Dog’s Comfort Needs to Be Taken Into Consideration

Posted on: November 1, 2008

If your senior dog has trouble with mobility caused by arthritis, hip displacement, loss of strength, then trim the hair around his paws that will aid in traction on slippery floors and install skid-free carpeting in spots where he lies down the most. Make sure it’s always trimmed close. Also, you can put skid resistant socks on his paws. These measures will greatly aid your senior dog in getting up from a prone position and moving about the house.

Another option is to use the booties they issue people in hospitals and adapt them with Velcro in order to secure them tightly around your dog’s legs. But be careful not to fit them tight enough to hurt your dog. Your dog isn’t going to like having something cover his paws, so to get him used to the booties, try putting only one on at first. This will take some patience on your part because your dog may try to chew the bootie off or resist you in putting it on.your dog bones are losing density if she is seven years old or older. Her bones will fracture more easily so these measures can help prevent those fractures. If one of her bones does get fractured it’ll take longer to heal than when she was a young dog.

Fluffy’s coat will thin with age and she may need a sweater. Also make sure her “bed” is in a warm spot in the house. Keeping her warm enough will relieve some of the pain and stiffness from inflammatory diseases. In the summer make sure she is cool enough, but not cold. If you remember seeing your grandmother suffer with swollen joints, then you have an idea of what your senior dog could be going through.

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog letter and has written many articles and books about aging dogs and the grief one suffers as a pet ages and dies. To learn more about senior canines go to for senior dog products, books, beds, supplements and more.


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