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Your Senior Dog and Joint Disease

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Arthritis affects one in five dogs over the age of seven. And seven is the median age for when a dog is becoming an older dog. Of course, abnormal weight puts more pressure on your dog’s joints. This causes more pain and swelling. In this case it’s good to reduce the fat in your dog’s diet. If your dog has arthritis he shouldn’t eat foods with preservatives, wheat, soy, corn or food colorings. Most commercial dog foods have several grains in them and they increase inflammation, which irritates arthritis.

You can also give your dog a glucosamine and chondroitin table. It will help lubricate his cartilage. The normal dosage is a 500 mg tablet per ten pounds of body weight one time daily. MSM is an organic sulphur that studies have shown relieves arthritic pain, slows joint deterioration, and reduces inflammation. It hasn’t any negative side effects. Since dogs don’t usually get enough Omega 3’s in their diets, give your dog a supplement like fish oil tablets to get these fatty acids. It helps reduce swelling in joints.

There are some recommended commercial brands to help relieve arthritis in dogs. Hill’s (Rx/d) and Purina (JM Joint Mobility) are formulas made for this purpose. The most important joint supplements have been added to the dog food. If you decide to give your dog supplements instead, then go for the weight control formula because that will help his joints too.

These are some signs indicating that your dog is developing arthritis.
Doesn’t want to play, walk, run, climb stairs
Doesn’t want to be petted or touched
Falling behind when you walk him
Has a hard time getting up from a prone position

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog lover. She has written several dog books. You can find her books and senior dog products that promote healthier, happier dogs in their golden years by visiting

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