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Senior Dogs and Preventative Measures

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Weight can be factored into the defining of the age at which Fluffy is geriatric. If Fluffy is under twenty pounds and her age is between nine and thirteen years old, she’s geriatric, if she weighs between twenty-one to fifty pounds she’s geriatric at nine to eleven years, and she’s geriatric at seven to ten years if she weighs between fifty-one to ninety pounds. If Fluffy is a giant breed of dog, she’s geriatric at six to nine years old and is over ninety pounds.

Two general preventative measures you can take to care of Fluffy when she is geriatric includes detecting diseases in their early stages and considering her risk factors like the characteristics of her breed, her environment, her diet, genetics, and amount of exercise. Her risk factors can influence her health by making her more susceptible to certain ailments. The last few decades has seen an increased lifespan for pets because veterinary science has made great strides. Here’s what her vet can do to keep Fluffy healthy.

He can give her a full medical exam and make a complete medical history, do a complete blood count, biochemical profile, urinalysis, fecal exam, and heart worm test and give vaccinations. The common illnesses and disorders Fluffy may develop are obesity or weight loss, specific/special diet requirements, dental disease, arthritis, cancer, skin tumors, urinary problems, metabolism disease, prostrate disease in males (not neutered), endocrine disorders, cardiac disease, cognitive dysfunction, and behavioral problems. At home you can help Fluffy by brushing her teeth, grooming, feeding proper diet, controlling her weight, exercise her, and give her meds and let the vet know of any problems.

Kellie Rainwater is an avid dog lover. She has written several dog books. You can find her books and senior dog products that promote healthier, happier dogs in their golden years by visiting


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